Zhejiang scenery: Yongkang Fangyan

Yongkang Fangyan is a national key scenic spot, 23 kilometers away from Yongkang city. Fangyan scenic spot is known as "the fairyland". There are not only peaks, caves, valleys, waterfalls, streams, lakes, but also rich in history and cultural and revolutionary history. There are eight scenic areas and over 200 scenic spots.

Fangyan scenic spot, located in the east of Yongkang city, about 20 kilometers from yongkang city, is the scenic wonder rooted in the landscape of Danxia landform. As early as 1985, it was approved as the first batch of key scenic area in Zhejiang province because of its thrilling perilous peak cliff, natural stone statues, star-studded cave room and colorful waterfall and lakes. The whole area includes eight scenic areas, including Fangyan mountain, Wufeng, Nanyan, Shigu liao, Lingshan lake, martyrs' cemetery and Zhuangyuan lake, covering a total area of 92 square kilometers.

Fangyan is a typical Danxia landform area, the peaks are risk, the stones are strange, the waterfalls are beautiful and the holes are wonderful. It is a combination of majestic and beautiful mountains. After years of construction and development of Fangyan scenic area, tourism service facilities are being perfected. Eating, living, traveling, shopping, entertainment and other facilities can meet the needs of tourists. It has become a famous tourist attraction of Danxia landform and going on a pilgrimage.

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Zhejiang scenery: Yongkang Fangyan

Yongkang Fangyan is a national key scenic spot, 23 kilometers away from Yongkang city.

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