Zhejiang Scenery: Qianzhu Wu

  Qianzhu Wu, also known as the Sisheng Ju, is the largest of the buildings in the ancient houses of the Si. The locals also called it new house, built in the Jiaqing years, Qing dynasty, was the residence of the local rich man Si Yuanru. The “Qianzhu Wu” is a brick structure and is spectacular. Its construction area covers an area of more than 6,900 square meters, with 118 rooms and 32 halls. It contains 1 0 patios, and has a thousand columns, hence the name "Qianzhu Wu".

  The Qianzhu Wu is at the south and facing north. It is adjacent to the Bijia mountain in the south and facing bat mountain in the north. At the foot of the mountain the Shanglin stream trickled slowly. The whole house is a single number of five doorways, and the singular is the characteristic of the village building in Zhuji, which represents symmetry and balance. Careful people will also find that the buildings in Shaoxing and Xiaoshan are different, the doors are mostly double digits. This is because the word "double" in Zhuji dialect is similar as "hurt", so the people do not build double houses.

  The whole great building is bristled with columns and has many portals. The porch is surrounded by the cornice as a whole. In 1999, a team of archaeologists in Ningbo discovered that the ratio of the width of the house to the depth of the house was the "golden ratio". And the theoretical data and the actual measurement are only 3cm error. The whole building's fire prevention, anti-theft, ventilation, lighting, drainage system are all designed extremely reasonable. In the eight Siheyuan, the four sons of Si Yuanru, Linhuai, Lindi, Linchu and Linzhu, lived respectively. The courts are relatively independent and connected. It fully embodies the atmosphere that the ancients created for the harmonious coexistence of the great family and it also reflects the relationship of ethical patriarchal law in the social life of Qing dynasty.


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Zhejiang Scenery: Qianzhu Wu

Qianzhu Wu, also known as the Sisheng Ju, is the largest of the buildings in the ancient houses of the Si.

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