What is the meaning of Hangzhou enterprise “march” to World cup and get the exclusive global authori

2018 the footsteps of the Russian World Cup are getting closer and closer. Although the world cup has not been involved with the Chinese team, the Chinese elements are not absent from the world's spotlight football feast.

In January 6th, the 2018 World Cup mascot of Russia was launched on the Internet. The company is the sole authorized development, production and sale enterprise in the world. It is Hangzhou Xiaoshan creative enterprise, Hangzhou Fude brand management company. This is after the Brazil World Cup, the enterprise won the official authorization of the FIFA again.

Unlike the past only by cheap manufacturing, the Chinese brand awareness has begun to highlight the business opportunities of large international competitions from a higher level.

Once flying to Moscow for the mascot selection

From the 1966 World Cup in England, every world cup had a mascot. At the January 6th conference, the deputy director of CCTV5 channel and the famous host Zhang Bin introduced the image of each World Cup mascot in turn.

In the 2018 World Cup, the 3 first selected mascots, which were announced earlier, were the northeast tiger, the Siberia plain wolf and the Siberia forest cat. In the end, the Siberia plain wolf became the official mascot of the 2018 World Cup with the rate of 52.8%. At the same time, its formal name is also known, called "Zabivaka" (in Russian the meaning of "the scorer"), and also symbolizes the fighting and bravery.


Although the vote is far away in Russia, but the appearance of the Hangzhou enterprise, that is, Hangzhou fude brand management company.

At that time, chairman Li Hong went to Moscow with 3 styles and a total of 60 Plush mascots, allowing the judges to feel the mascots more intuitively. Li Hong said, these samples are produced in an emergency a half a month's time. As the mascot maker of FIFA's 2018 World Cup, which mascot image will be elected is critical to the company's next step.

Li Hong introduced that the 2018 World Cup was the second official authorization by Hangzhou fude to obtain the World Cup mascot from FIFA. In 2014, they have become the Brazil World Cup mascot armadillo's official production and sales licensees. Authorized products, including the mascot plush toys, 3D doll, key chain, party products and automobile accessories, and other five major series. This time, fad has been authorized by the more than 10 varieties of "Zabivaka".


Enjoy the right to pricing in the world

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the production, the enterprise by Zhejiang football fans cheer for the big horn, without authorization, exports to South Africa's price is only 4 yuan, while the World Cup official selling price equivalent to about 107 yuan. This is a huge difference, which can be said to be the value of the right to use the brand. As a result, authorization is equivalent to having a pricing power.

As a result, we can see the importance of global sales and pricing power. And this time, Hangzhou fad won the exclusive global sales and pricing power.

Have the right to use two times the development of products based on intellectual property rights of the DAC.  In particular, the pricing power of the products has also been on the fude hands, and the development, production and sales are all fad, and the initiative will be greatly improved.

The same is true of the facts. At the 2014 Brazil World Cup, fude sold 1 million mascots and made a profit. The profit was more than 10 times more than the fans horns in the world cup in South Africa.

The official authorization of FD has fully demonstrated that the brand awareness of Hangzhou Xiaoshan enterprises is further enhanced, which has shifted from the low price of the industrial chain to the development of international large scale events. In January 6th, Li Hong was particularly excited, "Close contact with sports top IP, our small Chinese enterprises, Hangzhou enterprises have done it!"


Explore Made in China to Create in China

Hangzhou fude is rarely known by outsiders, but it is well known in the design, development and global marketing of licensed products such as sports events and football clubs.

In addition to the world cup in Brazil, Russia's World Cup exclusive licensees, Hangzhou the company signed 2015 Canadian women's World Cup, AC Milan club, the 2015 Rugby World Cup, 2014 to the 2018 European Cup, European Cup, 2016 French and 2015 German club Wolfsburg China Open tennis tournament and other authorized projects in the Sports Authority the industry to obtain a series of unique resources.

Hangzhou fude is starting from foreign trade. In 2008, the global trade situation deteriorated sharply, and Li Hong was strongly aware of the urgency of the transformation. Then, a German client had done in 2010 South Africa World Cup mascot European general agent, "he told me to do a German Bundesliga club licensed products companies want to sell shares, which makes the original is a big fan Li Hong, interested in the moment.

With his own advantages in the foreign trade industry, Li Hong quickly touched the new road. At the end of 2012, he heard the news that the Brazil World Cup Organizing Committee was looking for empowerers and partners, and had prepared a full 3 months with the team members. In the end, a hundred pages of application materials that could show their own strength were handed to FIFA.

The sports authorization industry is in fact an industry that combines sports IP with cultural creativity. Li Hong believes that from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, they experienced sports authorized the 1 phase, from 2018 to 2022 Qatar world cup, we will enter the sports authorized 2 stage, we will work with partners to explore, from China manufacturing to China to create, make the product become the cultural carrier, open up cross-border sports cooperation and multi platform with the power of culture."

The "Chinese elements" of the 2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Cup "Chinese elements" is quite a few. Mengniu, a Chinese milk business, has announced that it will become the official sponsor of the 2018 World Cup, and it will draw 50 million dollars from the marketing expenses of the listed company, and it will be converted into RMB 330 million yuan.

Mengniu is not the first Chinese enterprise to sponsor the Russian World Cup.

According to media reports, there are currently 5 sponsors in the 2018 World Cup, including Budweiser, McDonald's, Hisense, vivo and Mengniu. The proportion of 3/5 can be seen, China enterprises "World Cup marketing" can open up a fresh outlook. The last Olympic Games, world cup and other international sporting event sponsored by the American enterprise, almost all the seats on Japanese enterprises situation has been broken.



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What is the meaning of Hangzhou enterprise “march” to World cup and get the exclusive global autho

2018 the footsteps of the Russian World Cup are getting closer and closer. Although the world cup has not been involved with the Chinese team, the Chinese elements are not absent from the world's spotlight football feast.

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